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Zoomby Zangger
Zoomby Zangger is a painter from the 68-generation, a 'wise' wild revolutionary. He is from the American pop art era of the 70's. His work, of a formal aesthetics, is riddled with symbols that give a sense to the content. His paintings are very demanding to the public, since its abstractions leave questions unanswered. The seriousness with which he creates in his very own technique demonstrates an indubitable professional work. The barbed wire symbol has accompanied the artist over a long period. His huge work, the fingerprint on the Clarastasse façade in Basle, gives another dimension to his painting. He differentiates himself in his work continuity, always in a meticulous search of the choice of colour and of the final shape of his compositions.

His work always amazes the public when discovering new signs and new stylised symbols in his paintings: the dollar sign, an angel, the jocund, a cow head, a warrior, a biker. With the alignment and the enumeration of its symbols, he successfully passes what corresponds to his idea. The pictorial presence of his technique does not give the choice to the visitor. He forces the visitor to bring his attention on it. A permanent atmosphere of search reigns in his workshop, continuously leaving towards new horizons. His absolute professionalism allows him a creative expression within the most arduous configurations.

He speaks to an educated public, as his work is represented in a very concise way by a direct message as showed in his exhibitions. Trees, grass, foliage, shrubs, are his current search themes. And the results of those are canvasses, triptychs, and series. He calls his current work 'natural visions'. This thematic work gives a compact image of his work since 94. A world that deserves to be seen.

Silvio Caduff

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